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What do Arnold Schwartzenegger, Jack LaLanne, and Tiger Woods have in common? They all have been receiving chiropractic care for most of their lives. Jack LaLanne became a chiropractor in the 1930s, and is probably the only person mainly responsible for starting the fitness trend here in America. He has been under regular chiropractic care, eats nutritious foods, takes supplements, and, of course, exercises two hours every day at his current age of 92. Arnold Schwartzenegger has his “Arnold Classic” alongside the “International Chiropractor’s Association” convention in Ohio each year. He has been quoted as saying, “Chiropractic care and fitness training go hand in hand. Together, it is the best way to stay fit and balanced and healthy.” Arnold’s family is under regular chiropractic care as well. Tiger Woods was brought in for regular chiropractic care by his father around the same time that his father first put a golf club in Tigers’ hands. That was before Tiger was even 5 years old. His father knew that keeping Tiger’s spine balanced and aligned would help him to accomplish his goals. It certainly has.But with all that the media has told and not told about chiropractic care, we have been fighting the fight for natural, drugless healthcare, strengthening body and mind instead of polluting or desecrating the species of Man and living things. Yes, chiropractic addresses the spine, which includes all of the vertebrae – cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral regions (neck, upper back, lower back). Yes, we also handle extremities such as the shoulders, rotator cuffs, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees, ankles, and feet – although sometimes we cannot bill for these things on insurance claim forms. Yes, we address the nerve system and help “nervous” conditions because that nerve system is housed and protected by the vertebral system. And, yes, this nervous system controls and coordinates all of the organs and systems of the body. And that is how chiropractic helps internal organs, by affecting the vertebrae and nerves connected to those organs. Our nerve system, or nervous system, is composed of two parts: The parasympathetic system and the sympathetic system.

Many of today’s health problems are due to the poor nutritional value found in the foods we eat. We therefore need supplementation, detoxification, as well as exercise, sleep, and rest. But our body can also be stressed because of an overly-stressed spine and sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic system is our stress system, usually thought of as the fight-or-flight system. When it is not balanced with the parasympathetic system, we have a body “thinking” there is a “tiger” there, when there may not be. This can affect the digestive system, the glandular system, the reproductive system, the elimination system (including the lungs, skin, kidney, bowel, and sinuses), and, therefore, any system of the body. Chiropractic care of the spine normalizes those systems by straightening the spine, correcting the alignment, and correcting the posture – including scoliosis and other problems. Posture is Important. Our posture, last but not least, is crucial to our health and well-being and even to how we look. Studies done by psychiatrists with chiropractors show an exact correlation of emotional disturbances with spinal posture. Most, if not all, symptomatic patients being prescribed psychiatric drugs, be it Prozac in adults, or Ritalin and Adderall in children, all have a forward “translation” of the cervical spine. Their head juts forward. And, yes, they usually eat “a lot of white sugar.” This forward head puts pressure on the brain and spinal cord – in particular, the meninges (cover of the brain and spinal cord). As reported by Dr. Alf Brieg, a neurosurgeon investigating this phenomenon, such pressure also affects and causes neurological problems – even of the lower extremities. Posture can affect the digestive system, the lungs and elimination system, and again all the previously-mentioned systems of the body. So having your posture checked and corrected will improve all of the aspects of your life and health along with all of the other great things you are doing for yourself and for those you care about. You already are doing so much to stay healthy and vibrant – you don’t want to miss this aspect.

Children are affected immediately at birth in our “modern” medical society. In fact, children may have birth trauma, it has been noted, in 80% of births. This trauma means that at least some nerve flow is blocked in this infant’s body due to medical procedures having placed extreme pressure on a newborn’s skull during the birthing process. This is why we long ago found it necessary to check all newborns for spinal, especially cervical, blockages. Add to that, OSHA reports that “47% of all children fall on their head by age one.” Children between the ages of 2 and 5 fall at least 200 times. And don’t forget to add to that teenage sports and other injuries, poor diet, and emotional stresses as well. And just a final note to remember – one dollar of natural care versus forty dollars of medical care, natural healthcare including chiropractic is a fraction of the cost of today’s medical “health”-care system.

Dr. Elana Ava Brown graduated from Brooklyn College with a B.S. in Economics, then as a chiropractor from New York Chiropractic College in 1987, and is a second-generation chiropractor. Her father was the first in the family. When opening her own chiropractic office in Kensington, New York in 1991, her father told her that "the only magazine you need in your reception room, is Health Freedom News." She does public speaking with her focus on community and family health for all ages, and with extra emphasis on leading a non-drug approach to life while educating the public on natural health. Her avocations include running, dance, and martial arts. Dr. Brown recommends the following reading for further information on chiropractic: “Stay Fit Seniors,” The Chiropractic Journal , May 2007, Hans Selye, M.D.’s book Stress of Life, and the works of D.D. Palmer. For more information, she may be reached at (718) 853-1818. Or contact Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz, D.C.

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