Stress & The Nervous System: Part 2

Stress and Nerve System Part II By Dr. ELANA BROWN, Chiropractor

Chiropractors understand that stress "affects the body causing subluxations, which are aberrations within that "cause" a malfunctioning system or organ". The science of chiropractic has been established for almost 100 years and has understood that when a body is overloaded with stressors, it will need help to handle that load. More common today, we are aware of the various aspects of our lives, which when working together can help us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

1) We know that we need a good diet. Although differences between individuals exist, it can be found that a diet high in vegetables, with protein is best; along with no refined foods, including sugar and white flour and keeping away from chemicals. Vitamin supplements may also be needed as one lives and changes one LIFESTYLE.

2) Exercise is now spoken about readily, to help the whole body to build strength and resiliency.

3) Rest and recreation are extremely important to give our bodies a chance to repair daily damage as well as to replenish itself. Recreation helps us to keep our minds alert as well.

4) Having a good mental attitude is crucial to good health, because negative thoughts and worries only work to make our bodies more toxic. A good attitude and belief system will give meaning to even the hardest of times as well as allow you enjoy the best of times.

5) And last but certainly not least, we need a properly functioning nerve system to coordinate our bodily functions.

The nerve system is the communication system that connects the brain to all parts of the body. In today's times, our nerve system is constantly being bombarded and overloaded. Our senses pick up hundreds of sounds when we step outside our homes, not to mention how many sounds we hear inside our homes. Our eyes must be alert to many obstacles in our path whether we are driving or walking in the city streets. Our senses are also aware of irritants in the atmosphere, be it pollution, a difference in the ozone layer, or an irritation from someone who is annoying you. Even the Food and Drug Administration has acknowledged that medications leave remnants in our nerve system. When a body is overloaded with stressors, it will need help to handle that load. This is when hyper-sensitivities may occur causing symptoms which are the body's way of eliminating toxins are also a warning signal that something you are doing is wrong. "Subluxation" as mentioned above, may be viewed as a circuit breaker that turns off the electric system of a house. When an improper surge of energy rims through wires in a house, that room's circuit breaker will shut off if it is functioning correctly.

Remember, that circuit's cutoff switch was designed to cut off the energy to that area to save the entire system or house. The chiropractor helps to turn back on those circuit breakers of the body so that each organ and gland and cell of the body can do its job properly and efficiently. The subluxation is interference in the nerve system that does not allow for proper nerve conduction. If is often viewed as a misaligned bone of the spine which puts pressure on a nerve. An example would be what is known as a "pinched nerve."

Subluxation can be present even when no pain exists. Long before pain develops, a nerve may be compromised. Chiropractic adjustments can help enable our bodies to adapt to all the changers going on around us. Only chiropractic adjustments can remove subluxations that would otherwise let stress get the best of us. As subluxations decrease in number, the proper functioning of our body increases. A better functioning nerve system means a body where food is digested and absorbed properly. A spine in its proper structural alignment will be better able to accommodate to and allow its proper bodily function.

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