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Children And Chiropractic By Dr. ELANA BROWN
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People often ask, why would children need to have chiropractic adjustments? The answer to this question is basically the need for chiropractic care in the community at large. Chiropractic is a wonderful way to maintain health even before an illness or pain syndrome begins. In fact, if you ask someone who is ill, when their illness began you begin to understand that there was a day before they were ill. On that day, they said they were fine and healthy. But were they? If they were so healthy yesterday, why are they sick today? We, as chiropractors, understand that there was a weakness in the body, particularly the spine, which allowed that body to become susceptible to disease.

In children, we want to keep their bodies trouble-free by checking the spine as soon after birth as possible. In fact, even the birth process itself, as performed here in the United States can cause imbalances in the infant's spine.

The procedure itself is stressful to the newborn, especially to the neck area.

Statistically, it has been shown that most newborns have an imbalance from birth causing one arm to have more strength than the other. This can easily be traced to interference in the nerves in the neck which run through the arms. Many of children's health problems can be greatly reduced by chiropractic care. The adjustments on infants are, of course, quite gentle as the bones are not yet hardened. But babies and children usually enjoy the adjustments and often enjoy going to the chiropractor's office. Children also respond to the adjustment very quickly because they have not had the problem for a long time. Regular spinal adjustments are therefore an excellent way of keeping the nerve system normal.

And since the whole body relies on the nerve system, this is a great way of maintaining health as well as gaining health.

Toddlers and children frequently fall as they learn more about life and about themselves. These falls are an example" of the many physical traumas that children undergo as they grow. Football injuries, bicycle injuries and accidents are other traumas. Misalignments in the spine are direct results of these types of trauma. In fact, pain may or may not be present for there to be a misalignment. But pain may ensue after weeks pass and weaknesses may appear months later, long after the cause has been forgotten. Chiropractic is a drug-less, natural form of health care designed to help adults and children, get through the stresses of life in an easy and pain-free way. Don't you want this for your child?

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